My name is Yashwanth
and I go by Yash

I am a Creative Technologist at Brightline Interactive currently working on Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences for Warner Bros and California Police Department.

Previously, I worked as a Lead Creative Technologist at Technodramatists and developed the first ever augmented reality vfx system for live stream theatre performance and won the likes of many audience including the head of VRAR association. I also interned at Constellation brandswhere I instigated the concept of AR storytelling for alcohol brands, ultimately supporting senior leadership in decision making to include AR as an essential integration for advertising and PR efforts. Before masters, I worked as Product development engineer at Enfrien innovations in India where I designed a buoyant system for floating solar project which was recognized by the Government of India.

My design thinking involves humans and environment at the forefront of decision making. I strive to bring smiles upon people through my work while also tending to support our mother nature. My strengths lie in multidisciplinary and lateral thinking methods. Some of the mediums I leveraged in solving problems include mobile, web, game, AR/VR, and spatial audio.

I'm always on a lookout for collaboration, if you think together we can change the world, sign me up!

Welcome to my fun side!

As much as I love to work, I also like to take care of my physical self both internally and externally. Did you know that I can do 100 pushups in a single go and am currently on a 124 day meditation streak ? I'm also a wanderer who loves experiencing the unexpected - from getting mugged in Thailand to getting lost in the suburbs of Germany, I experienced it all. Also, whenever I travel, I tend to get creative with my camera, capturing some of the beautiful pictures. Traveling has broadened my horizons and got me excited about cultures, occasionally I obsess over their histories and mythology.