Led the AR storytelling initiative of HighWest Whiskey brand and won the likes of senior leadership for implementing similar concept to other brands of Constellation's portfolio.

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High West Consumer AR is an interactive audio-visual AR experience that allows consumers to learn about High West Whiskey brand while taking a sip at a tasting room. This was an initiative of Constellation brands in an effort to improve brand awareness, perception and sales.

My Role

Creative Technologist


Yashwanth Iragattapu
Zach Darrow

Key Deliverables

Concept ideation
Interaction design
User experience
Usability testing
AR Development
Shader graphs
Post Processing


12 weeks


After Effects
AR Foundation


How can we incorporate immersive technologies into brand activations that would improve brand awareness ?

Immersive technologies are making a run for money in the marketing sphere and many companies are adapting to these technologies in order to increase their brand awareness. Constellation brands wanted to stay ahead of the game by inspiring their employees about these technologies and spark imagination for creating innovative PR campaigns of various brands in their portfolio. Highwest Whiskey wanted such an experience to accelerate their sales in tasting rooms and so this challenge was posed.


An interactive storytelling mobile AR experience

Augmented reality has proven to engage consumers with a brand in a way that’s differentiated and memorable -- from immersive animation to interactive storytelling, while also taping into viral social media behaviors. Hence, we developed an Augmented reality based mobile application that allows users to scan a coaster and relish the story of High West Whiskey through an audio visual interactive experience.

Here is a sneak peek



People who experience AR intended to share it to 5 other people

Studies show that AR has a potential to attract new customers and increase brand loyalty among Millenials. Companies like Jack Daniels, 19 Crimes and Victoria has seen significant increase in sales (25% - 40%) with the use of Augmented reality in their marketing and sales strategy.

Jack Daniels AR experience
19 Crimes AR experience
Victoria AR experience



I created prototypes on Adobe XD, and mobile app builds using Unity 3D to test the user flow of the application and the rendering capabilities of existing AR enabled phones.


Finding right balance between quality graphics, user experience and optimized AR experience

Stress testing and user testing the application yielded interesting design problems to solve. This resulted in an approach mainly catered towards maintaining a balance between graphics quality, intuitive interactions and optimized AR experience to engage more users.


Used LODs and hybrid image tracking to achieve stable AR across multiple devices

Based on user testing and functional testing of some of the high fidelity prototypes, the major challenge was to make the AR experience more stable and intuitive across many devices. In order to do so, we incorporated texture atlases, hybrid image tracking and plane tracking functionality using AR Foundation, LODs for different mobile configurations, fun user interactions, optimized shaders, timeline animations and post processing effects.

1. Hybrid Image Tracking

2. Shader graphs

3. Timeline animations

4. Path creation

5. User interactions

6. Post processing


“ This is impressive work and we would like to implement this on our brand as well. ”

- Matthew Kossman, Brand Manager, Svedka

“ This is the most advanced Augmented reality experience I've seen. You pushed the limits of the mobile application and still managed to get good graphics.”

- Mark Foster, Technical Director, Digital Innovations Lab, Constellation Brands